Frequently Asked Questions

Members are from all dioceses of Rwanda and so far, there are 81 choirs nationwide committed to spreading message of peace through the liturgy music. Individual choirs are mostly made up of primary school-going children and choir is not only an opportunity to learn how to sing but also cherish the most important cultural and civic values

Yes, Pueri Cantores is an international community; federations are spread in many parts of the world. Pueri Cantores know that they make one community and are brought together by the same spiritual bond.

More details regarding the international federation can be found at the website of Pueri Cantores International:

Rwandan Pueri Cantores celebrates liturgy in their different parishes, and this is the most important activity of their mission. In addition, they also take part in the different activities and initiatives that promote civic and cultural education. Pueri Cantores are actively involved in a wide range of activities for charitable work and these happen in their communities around choir members.

Pueri Cantores community has been recording a lot of success stories since 1961.Former choir members are now in the ordinary life and most of them are very respected lay people with important assignments in their communities and church at different levels. There is good number of Catholic church clergy whose members used to be young singers in different choirs.

All catholic school-aged children can join Pueri Cantores choirs. Children are always encouraged to contact the choir nearby for their registration. Parents should not be bothered about the music talent before sending them to the choir. Choir directors have their own techniques, patience and understanding when it comes to working with young children who want to develop their talents and eventually use it for liturgy music.