Abbé Theogene Nzuwonemeye

Abbé Theogene Nzuwonemeye is the Catholic Priest born to Rwaza Parish in Ruhengeri Diocese at the northern part of Rwanda. In his perspectives he testified the goodness of Pueri Cantores in which he may not forget:

I was originally born and raised in Ruhengeri Diocese. My priesthood ordination happened on  August 3, 2013 and from this time onwards, I have been holding different positions within  Ruhengeri Diocese that includes but not limited to Pueri Cantores Chaplain at Butete parish (2013-2018), Pueri Cantores Chaplain at the Ruhengeri Diocese level (2016-2018)  and from 2018 to present, I have been  the Resident Trainer at Kabgayi Senior Seminary Philosophicum Saint Thomas of Aquinas.

My relationships with Pueri Cantores

I was born and raised in a Christian family, and this has arisen my passion of sacred music and liturgical songs since my childhood. This is why in 1992, I joined Pueri Cantores – Rwaza and immediately after one year, I was selected to solemnly take dress and delivery, but unfortunately, this has delayed because of war and the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis. This is the main reason why the ceremony was postponed to 1995 and from that time onwards, I have remained an active member.

Pueri Cantores’lifelong impact

Pueri Cantores was instrumental to help me to discover my musical talents. I always thank this appreciable community; I have been able to read about history of Dominico Savio and meditate many times about his legacy and life as Pueri Cantores’ Patron. I have to say that I learned from him the importance of prayer, especially Holy Mass, love of neighbors and detachment, and shunning any source of sin. Pueri Cantores was a real source to discern about  my priestly calling  because since my childhood I have met a lot of seminarians there teaching children how to sing; I have really   admired them and this gave me  courage to enter the Junior Seminary; I have continued  to sing throughout my studies until today’s ministerial Priesthood. Even now I am still an active member of Pueri Cantores wherever I do my mission.

My personal observations

When I was the diocesan chaplain of the Pueri Cantores, I eye witnesses how great and influential this community is especially because of young choristers themselves: they sing well with high sense of discipline, they are good students, obedient and courageous, optimists. I don’t doubt when they are well supported and accompanied, they can easily become both salt and light of the world as Jesus taught.

Desired support

Normally, each child needs his parent to grow well. This is why in Pueri Cantores’ daily lives they need:

  • Support from adults, their chaplains and the catholic church as well as other the institutions;
  • It is also desirable that Pueri Cantores’committees meet parents in order to support and strengthen their families during this time of family crises;
  • Pueri Cantores communities need to be well equipped with musical instruments in order to perform for children.