Jean Baptiste Dusabeyezu

Jean Baptiste Dusabeyezu was born and raised in Muhanga, a place close to Kabgayi Minor Basilica in the southern part of Rwanda. He was a singer from 1977-1986, before joining Kabgayi Junior Seminary.Jean Baptiste is among the first pioneers of Pueri Cantores Kabgayi under  the leadership and organization of Father Pierre Boutry. Before this, he was a singer in other different boys’choirs; he owes this zeal and commitment to his parents and grandparents who raised him  as a good young  christian. He represented the choir alongside with other 20 Rwandan choristers in the 1978 International Congress held in Maracaibo,Venezuela.This constitutes one of his best  memory especially when he sang in Kinyarwanda the Universal  prayer in the presence of many nationalities that were present in this most important event. Jean Baptiste who is now an honorary  member of Chorale de Kigali   knows that singing is a noble and rewarding  talent that is worthy to be supported and nourished using all available resources. His conviction is that God values Pueri Cantores’ efforts and in one way or another, they will absolutely  pay off. Jean Baptiste is happily married with four children and all of them live in Kigali.