Child Development

Child Development

Importance of  Formal Schooling  

Education is the cornerstone for any person’s personal development. The Rwandan federation of Pueri Cantores encourages choir members to stay keen on education for the most important reasons that are not limited to the following: Education is so much important for choir members’ success in life. It is also important for their personal, social and economic development. It is the most important to live with happiness and prosperity.

Choir administrators always urge children to better perform at school and adults are always encouraged to support their young brothers and sisters to make sure they maximise their education potentials. Different parental meetings organised by choir directors are viable platforms to also encourage the importance of education and why imperative parents should always be supportive and follow up their children’s schooling.



Cultural and Civic Education


Pueri Cantores enrich their cultural development through participating in the wide range activities of social events and all the help them to appreciate their cultural identity. Cultural activities play a vital role in the life of Pueri Cantores.

Rwandan federation of Pueri Cantores believes that cultural education comes along with diverse benefits; Cultural activities increase opportunities for social interaction and new relationship development. In addition, they lead to interaction with people of different backgrounds and this eventually helps in the development of interpersonal skills of children.

Pueri Cantores that participate in such extracurricular activities have said that they are source of working towards common goals and development of sense of responsibility. They have increased their level of their confidence and while learning how to cooperate with other people in the different conditions. Cultural education encouraged by Pueri Cantores has also boosted their talents and potentials.

Some of the cultural activities that Pueri Cantores become involved in include traditional dancing, singing and drumming. They also take part in the big cultural events organised for different occasions.


Rwandan federation of Pueri Cantores also urges choir members to be compliant with civic education principles such that they can grow up as good citizens. Children have to be knowledgeable and proactive members of the society. This is the only way Pueri Cantores can contribute in the the development of their own country.

Pueri Cantores, a school of  more positive values

The school is also an indispensable channel to learn how to fight drug abuse that has been rampant especially among adolescents. Choir administrators also support children to understand the essence of the unity and reconciliations as well as choir memebers’active role to support post-genocide Rwanda reconstruction process. Topics of family cohesion, children’s rights and duties were also not spared. More basic practices of health are also encouraged because choir members know in order to fulfil their most important spiritual mission, they have to be in good health conditions.